About VDS-Productions - Our way of working

Way of work



Thinking about participating in an exhibition? Are you in need of a top-notch exhibition stands builder? Know that VDS-Productions has the perfect solution for you!
At a first meeting – mailing we go over your desires and needs.
We listen to what you want and wish for and support you for a specific stand in your own style/corporate identity.



Every project is unique. Based on the briefing we make a preliminary design, stand idea.
Together with you we check whether this also follows your view, idea. A target budget will also follow.


Design in 3D

Our team of designers/developers will fine-tune your idea.
The technical and practical necessities will be made.
The custom digital visuals will also be integrated into the design.
All the used materials, including materials for custom pieces, are drawn extensively.


Agreement - Realization

Once we have received your approval, we will start working out your stand.
We have a workshop where we will develop and build your stand in detail, going from woodwork, paint finish, digital prints, lettering, TV screens, sound material, lights, … .
We will take care of the project and provide you with a perfect preparation which will result in the best experience on your event/exhibition.
Do you need help with the preparation of the exhibition, e.g. request for utilities, electricity, water, suspension points, ... We can provide support for this as well.



VDS-Productions is internationally active. We provide you with the delivery of your stand and all the necessary materials. We have our own transport department, which gives us even more flexibility.
During the building days we foresee that your stand will be perfectly built and ready for the exhibition. The (elevated) floors, trussing, lights, walls, furniture, digital prints, audiovisuals. If necessary we will do a last day delivery. Together we can check the end result and make small adjustments.
We are available during the exhibition.


Service and evaluation

When the exhibition is over, we will break down the stand, if possible the first day of the breakdown period. We can put all the customized materials and stands in our stockroom for a possible next event.
VDS-Productions looks ahead and will gladly build a long-term relationship with you. That’s why we are happy to hear if your stand needs improvements.