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Welcome to VDS-Productions

What do we do

VDS Productions ensures that your event will be a success.
We only do productions, we don’t do pickup rental.



We start with a meeting where we talk about your wishes. With that information we’ll make a 3D sketch.



Sound, light & Vision

Top notch quality sound and light material.
Build and serviced by experienced technicians.


As ‘full service’ booth builder we do everything from sketching, making a design to building your complete stand with respect to your wishes and to your budget.
And it doesn’t matter whether you’re an exhibitor with the needs for a standard/basic booth or for a big and detailed booth, whether you’re a national or international customer, or in need of an individual booth or a couple of booths in group…
We will build it for you, and together we build a longtime business relationship!

We work with a new modular system without a profile where we can digitally print eye catching visuals.
We even have lights, displays and other eye catchers and much more.
Our goal is to invest in new elements that are fresh on the market and build a unique eye-catching booth for you.

This is our insignia, our service to you!


We try to start with a meeting where we talk about your wishes.
From that we draw a 3D sketch with notes to offer you a total solution.
With the best quality materials in trussing, rigging, power, textiles, sound, light, vision,…

Build and serviced by experienced technicians.
In that way we will bring you a perfect total solution from beginning till end!
Of course we take into account your wishes and the budget you have.
If you want more information or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

VDS Productions, "Your success is our publicity".

VDS distinguishes itself from others by always retaining close and personal contact to you, our customer.
In this way we all get a clear image of the event/booth and are we being capable of offering you the best solution from A to Z.

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We are looking for:

Independent workers, freelancers whom we can use for preparing, assembling and dismantling our productions and booths.
In particular this will include building and disassembling of trusses, lighting, canvases, matrix walls, furniture, etc.
Send an e-mail to:

With including in the mail your CV/resume and a recent photo of you.
We also find important that you give us a look into your carreer
from the past years and where you have worked during those years.

Of importance is:

- Interest and/or experience in the sector, in the industry.
- Being able to independently carry out a work assignment.
- Being dynamic and flexible (no 9 to 5 mental state).
- Orderly and carefully working and handling with materials of ours and our customers.
- Driver’s license B (C is an advantage).